This birds stay only 3 month in our cold country: They play and convey Traditional Music, from the regional Zulu tradition between hunting and household, community life and personal experiences and telling stories.

Pamuzinda on Frauenchiemsee
pamuzinda auf frauenchiemsee
A workshop with marimba, mbira, to dance and theater, with two to five African teachers is the lasting impression, and with greater interest of the exposure may be expanded: end of May to August are they there, on July 24, there is a fine summer festival Just as we have been working for over 10 years in the Munich city partnership that Pamuzinda taught during the winter months there in projects and schools and in three summer months here maintains contacts … can more school partnerships for local development, the slow Soon there is a scene in „home is at home“ – yet you get the stars to its possible conditions:

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