Carlos-Trudi20140518Increasingly, the desire to get suggestions on how to learn from their own experiences, so that they contribute the, can work in a group or association here or with project partners in the Global South be better understood and improved.

To date, known and common as techniques: Putting up of project objectives, establishment of indicators and impact monitoring, and course evaluation. These have to do with the following questions: the goals of a project have been achieved and that in order to justify the award of a grant. „>Often this is used as a control mechanism, made from „up and out“ and preparing abdominal pain, if all well turn out well – in terms of evaluators and inspectors effect.
The method of systematization, originated in South America in the field of grass-roots, self-critical reflections to be in a climate of mutual trust. She looks at one’s own practice and the knowledge gained thereby. This is so often the idea much more for the theoretical and practical development of the Group or of the supported project. Heinz Schulze übersetzt Jhenny Munioz

The speaker, Oscar Jara H. (Peru-Costa Rica) is one of the principal pioneers of the method of systematization and author of numerous publications to. It is active, inter alia, the Council for Adult Education in Latin America, the program Democracy and Global Transformation (Peru), the Centre for Studies and Publications, ALFORJA (Costa Rica)

Organizer: North South Forum eV München eV in cooperation with the Paulo Freire society and the One World Network Bayern eV

Paulo Freire gave a Brazilian educator important impetus for a pedagogy that brings to building a just and solidary world.

hände zum ballThe currently prevailing in our education are no real suggestions for the pressing challenges of our time.

The awareness-raising pedagogy of Paulo Freire helps to enable people to understand the world critically and motivated to take action to change it.

The speaker, Oscar Jara (Peru-Costa Rica) has worked on many occasions with Paulo Freire. For several years, it is the coordinator of the Consejo de Educación Popular en America Latina y el Caribe (CEAAL). It provides key elements of pedagogy Freire and reports on the current relevance of liberating pedagogy – which, for example, Global Education can take a lot.

Organizer: North South Forum Munich eV Freire in cooperation with the Society Paulo Berlin, Paulo Freire Group in Munich ZBB eV

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