Official statement from the President of Brazil, Luiz Inàcio da Silva, on the death of the dramaturg Augusto Boal.

It was with deep sorrow, early this evening (2nd May) that I received the news of the death of the theatre director, dramaturg
and essayist Augusto Boal, who died at dawn this morning in Rio de Janeiro. With his importance for contemporary theatre, in Brazil and around the world, his role as the director of the Arena Theatre in Sao Paulo, and as the founder of the revolutionary
Theatre of the Oppressed, Boal inspired different generations, in our country and abroad.

For Brazilians and for theatre-lovers, and for those who love the promotion of equality across mankind, he left a mark which which will never be forgotten, apart from being a model of a companheiro who dedicated his life to social transformation through the medium of art. For his familiars, his companions and colleagues in theatre and in the PT and for his many friends like myself, he has imprinted in our memory the image of a man passionate about life and the work he did.

But for us, his friends and relations, he leaves, above all, a huge void and a still greater saudade (sense of loss and longing)
My deep sorrow and condolences to his family.
Luis Inacio da Silva

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