A Jokers’ International Day of Action on Global Warming on Boal’s birthday!

Hello from Headlines Theatre in Vancouver. We would like to invite you to join us in an exciting, global initiative:

a Jokers’ International Day of Action on Global Warming.

This idea was brought to us by Adam Ward, a Joker from Fairhaven, Washington, in the USA, after he attended some of our global warming events in November called: 2º of Fear and Desire

These events were “an intimate evening of theatre (without a play) that investigate our fears, desires and challenges to change our behaviours that hurt the planet”.

What would happen if Jokers from around the world all created local events on climate issues on the same day? What kind of energy could be created on this issue to, even in a small way, move responses to global warming forward?

We have chosen March 16, 2008, Augusto Boal’s birthday, as a Jokers’ International Day of Action on Global Warming. Why do this on Boal’s birthday? To celebrate his remarkable work in a most appropriate way – by focusing into this ultimately important issue that must unite us, all over the world.

(News Flash! Boal has also just been nominated for a Nobel Prize! If you want to support the nomination, click here: http://www.theatreoftheoppressed.org)

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