We are glad to inform you that your project „Care of children“ Nr.: 3306400624 was selected for the cycle ASA 2007.
The ASA-program published all the projects on 10th of November on our homepage www.asa-programm.de.

ASA will select the young students and young professionals, who will do voluntary work in your organisation, until the end of February. The selection committees will select the participants in relation to their specific competences and knowledge based on the needs of your project, to their mobility, their social involvement and their intercultural competences.

We will inform you about the names of the participants in March 2007 and the following steps of the cooperation. Please note that in case we do not find adequate participants for your project, the project won’t be able to be implemented in 2007.

Please note that a project may also not be realised in case of objections raised by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Ministry of Economic Co-operation or the authorities of the host country.

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation between you and ASA, and send you our kind regards.

The two further projects in Simbabwe: Civil Society Munich & Harare and Waste-Manegement in Victoria Falls